Clothes that do not

limit who you are...


Welcome to the home of Levik, Inc., a fast-growing clothing manufacturer, family-operated small business with big potential.


Levik is one of the manufacturers of women's clothing in the United States, making an entire range of products, including pants, shirts, shorts, dresses, blouses, skirts, sweaters, T-shirts, underwear, and sleeping garments and full line of plus size. If you want quality and fast service - then you have come to the right place.


We're a small business located in Auburn, Washington, and like many other parts of the U.S. it's a region that's been hit hard by the economic downturn. We take pride in providing jobs and business opportunities for those in the area, and we look forward to growing, expanding and providing even more for the local community in the future. We hope to become one of the region's building blocks on its path back to prosperity.


In addition to manufacture clothes for retail companies we are designing clothes under our private label and will be happy to introduce full line of clothes for plus size ladies in summer 2012, which can be bought online and in some department stores.


Our goal is to make our service and products affordable and accessible so that everyone can enjoy them.

Why Levik?

Levik, Inc is a total-solution contract sewer that does custom sewing for successful companies like yours.

Whatever you need sewn, Levik, Inc can meet your manufacturing needs in a manner that will be of great benefit to your company and your customers.

We have extensive experience in the sewing business, and we take pride in working to produce quality products with purpose, function and material benefit to our customers.


New Product Design

Levik, Inc. is actively seeking for a new clients and market opportunities.

Now we are proud to present our own design of sand bags for the motion picture industry.

Sand bags are manufactured out of the strong and durable fabric, have double-zippers to avoid spillage and come with a full year of manufacturer's warranty!

Place you order now or let us help with your ideas!


Have some ideas of the product?

Contact our team of professionals and we will not only make sample product for you, we will design an efficient way of mass-producing, create an unusual, attractive design and much more!

Do not have your ideas in writing? No problem! We will listen to you and provide you with sketches, drawings and some rough samples.

We will make it work! Call us today!